The International Myopia Prevention Association has published a book which could be the most important book on eye care ever written. "THE MYOPIA MYTH: THE TRUTH ABOUT NEARSIGHTEDNESS AND HOW TO PREVENT IT" contains references to scientific research in myopia and is written in a style that the public can easily understand. With over 160 pages and 50 diagrams and pictures, it makes myopia easily understandable.

You will find topics like: how myopia develops, why the usual treatment for myopia is harmful, how to understand refractive error and lens prescriptions, the truth about myopia and heredity, methods of preventing or improving myopia, the value of "eye exercises", case histories showing how the Myopter improves vision, how to deal with eye doctors, how the International Myopia Prevention Assn. was founded, the eye doctor/optical industry alliance that keeps you from knowing the truth, and much more.

There are several ordering possibilities: