A Primary School in Wuhan Installs "Railings/Metal Bars"
To Defend Against Nearsightedness (Myopia)

With the start of the new 2014 school semester, the "left-behind" (parents work away from home in another part of the country), boarding students of the Zhanglin Elementary School on Xinzhou Zhucheng Street in Wuhan, China, began using a new style anti-nearsightedness school desk. School principal Zhang Jianming explains that these school desks were provided by the Wuhan Youth Poor Eyesight Prevention Center and are used to help students form proper habits when it comes to using their eyesight (to avoid having their heads too close when reading or writing.)

See China Desks for the source of this article.

Here is a second device that is intended to keep a safe distance between the eyes and the desk.
This is available from the Chinese company Taobao (www.engtaobao.com).