who make hundreds of millions of children into visual cripples because that's where the money is.

which uses its billions in profits to corrupt our government and schools of optometry and ophthalmology.

which is totally corrupted by the optical industry so that it funds worthless, misleading research and ignores worthwhile projects. Its twisted goal is to convince the public that myopia cannot be prevented.
Details at National Eye Institute

We claim that the NEI is under the control of eye doctors and optical companies which stand to lose billions if myopia is prevented. We claim further that it is misusing public funds in a way that harms the public. For a website that has been created by the optical industry and which details just how they put pressure on the NEI, see Click on "About the Alliance" and then "Member Organizations" to see all the companies that are directing the work of the NEI for their own profit. They call themselves the National Alliance for Eye and Vision Research and state that they are "serving as friends of the National Eye Institute." Nearly every profit-oriented organization in the optical business is listed. The only thing they serve is their self-interest. They have even established their office at 1801 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852, very close to the NEI office in Bethesda, MD. Their interest is maximum profits, not public health.

which rejected our petition to provide a warning to the public about the dangers of minus lenses and is also totally corrupted by the optical industry and doctors. On Sept. 11, 2006, we sent our critical reply to the FDA and informed them that we were putting the whole matter on our web site for the world to see. Within days, the FDA pressured Google to remove our site from their servers. After we protested to Google, they stood up to the FDA and put us back in their search index. Our government will resort to anything to protect industry profits!
Details at Food and Drug Administration

which publishes Consumer Reports. This organization claims to have no ties to big business. Yet, when they were asked to look into the myopia fraud, they replied that they would only report on this subject if the information came from a "peer-reviewed journal." It was pointed out to them that the journals of optometry and ophthalmology would not even exist without advertising money from the optical industry, and that these journals will never publish a meaningful article on myopia prevention. That made no difference to CU. In their publications, you can learn about every imaginable option in making a purchase of a toaster or washing machine, but you will not find one word about the choices available to you when your child becomes nearsighted.

Do they have an agenda they are not telling us about? In their annual reports, they list some of the organizations that give them money. A major contributor is the National Library of Medicine, a division of the National Institutes of Health and located right on the NIH campus. Also under the NIH is the National Eye Institute, which is a puppet of the optical industry and does everything in its power to mislead the public (see above). So why is CU getting taxpayers' money from this anti-consumer, governmental organization, dominated by big business?

If the top people in our government are paid off to protect optical interests from the growing myopia prevention movement, how would they go about it? A word to the Secretary of Health and Human Services is all that is needed. The Secretary then tells the FDA Commissioner to kill IMPA's petition to inform the public about the dangers of minus lenses. The Secretary also tells NIH to make sure that the National Eye Institute kills any research that would undermine the fallacy of inherited myopia. Then to be sure that Consumer Reports, the most influential and widely-read consumer publication in the world, does not go public with this atrocity, the Director of the NIH arranges for its National Library of Medicine to become a major contributor to Consumers Union. Get the picture? Very neat, isn't it? It's all about the money. What other hidden commercial ties does CU have?
Details at Consumers Union

which create the ill-educated "experts" who are turned loose on a trusting and unsuspecting public. These schools accept a steady stream of money from the optical industry in the form of "research" grants and other contributions, thus insuring that they will do nothing to upset their benefactors. As only one example of how the optical industry uses its money to keep the optometric schools under its control, visit the official website of the Schools of Optometry at At one time they listed the names of the contributors, and we pointed out that even Wal-Mart, the world's biggest retailer, adds its contribution. Now they no longer list their contributors, probaably because of our exposure. The deans of these schools, as well as the heads of ophthalmology departments at medical schools, may as well be on the payroll of the optical industry. ALL of the deans at the 17 optometric schools have refused to answer our request for a dialog on myopia prevention.

who spend their lives applying for research grants and producing worthless research results in order to further their careers. They have no interest in solving the myopia tragedy because then the research money would dry up. Although methods to prevent myopia are already known, they always claim, "More research is needed." Examples of this mindless research mania can be found on sites by Karla Zadnik at the Ohio State University College of Optometry and Christine Wildsoet at the University of California at Berkeley School of Optometry. Somehow it never occurs to these people to merely put a strong plus lens on children for all close work, to totally eliminate focusing effort. Every year, such people meet at an International Myopia Conference in various cities around the world to present their totally irrelevant, self-glorifying research. This is all sponsored by well-known companies in the optical industry. While they play their games, the vision of the world's children continues to be destroyed.

such as Prevent Blindness America, American Optometric Assn., American Academy of Ophthalmology, Intl. Council of Ophthalmology, etc. They disseminate vision "information" to the public but are dominated by eye doctors and financed by the optical industry. They perpetuate the myth of inherited myopia and deny the dangers of minus lenses.

which teach our children to read but take no interest in ways to prevent this from destroying their vision. In the words of one Florida school district, "Currently, we partner with Lens Crafters, Prevent Blindness and The Lions Club. These groups are very generous in proving optometrical services as well as glasses to students who either failed their vision examination or demonstrate visual problems." The optical industry clearly has gotten its money and its viewpoint into our schools, insuring that they will not tell parents the truth. This makes the schools part of the conspiracy. For more on what schools should be telling parents and students, see

This online encyclopedia is used by a lot of people when they seek information. But the information is often biased. On you will not find much information about myopia prevention. The optical industry has put its watchdogs in place. They have been given the task of removing any mention of the International Myopia Prevention Assn. or its book, The Myopia Myth. Every kind of tactic is used to prevent anyone from adding anything that might let the public realize how they are being exploited by the optical industry. You will not find under External Links at the bottom of the page. If you are interested in reading some of the archived word battles, see
Thread 1, and Thread 2.

which never mention the subject of myopia prevention. Their only interest is pleasing their advertisers and making maximum profits. If they had any concern for the people of the world, they could expose and end this tragedy almost overnight.

The domain names and provide the public with the truth about myopia. However, you will not find such information on,,, etc. The same is true for the word "nearsightedness." These are valuable domain names, so why are they not used? The reason is that they have been bought up by the optical industry to keep them from being used by those who would tell the truth about this fraud.

The common link between these people is not science or compassion, but GREED. With such a formidable group telling the same lies to the public, where can anyone find the truth? On this website, of course, with over 60 pages of information you won't get from any eye doctor. For these groups to join forces to create hundreds of millions of crippled children is as despicable an act as most of us will encounter in our lifetimes. They are truly an "Axis of Evil." Everything on this website is true. You don't believe this? You don't WANT to believe it? Read further and judge for yourself. Continue to PAGE 2.