Issue: February, 2000
Contributing Author: Donald S. Rehm

Question: What do you recommend for a child whose myopia is progressing rapidly?

Reading glasses or bifocals have been shown by numerous studies to slow the movement into myopia, not stop or reverse it. This failure is due to the fact that a full 3 D add is not given, because it would overly disrupt the accommodation/convergence relationship. I recommend the Myopter (see Myopter Paper) with a full 3 D add for all close work at home, reading slightly beyond the far point with a little blur and forcing the eyes to relax. This should undo the stress that has been set up during the day's schoolwork so the next day's work can be done without building on the ciliary spasm of the previous day.

That first pair of minus glasses should not be prescribed just to enable the child to see the blackboard. The child can sit at the front of the room, if needed. Of course, using the Myopter for close work in school would be ideal. See "How to Save Your Child's Vison" at for more on the Myopter solution. The tragic consequences of the myopia elongation of the eye justify these strong measures, regardless of how inconvenient they may be.

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